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Online Coaching

Zoom Training

ChicaBoom Fitness Zoom Training is a convenient and effective virtual training program that allows clients to participate in fitness sessions from the comfort of their own homes or any location with internet access. Here's an overview of what clients can expect from ChicaBoom Fitness Zoom Training:

1. Interactive Virtual Workouts

2. Varied Workout Formats

3. Personalized Coaching and Feedback

4. Convenience and Flexibility

5. Equipment Adaptability

30 min Zoom Session $60


The Booty Factory
4 Week In-Home Plan

The ultimate leg and booty workout plan. 

Build, shape & strengthen your legs and booty to make them the way you always wanted!

4 weeks of detailed workouts with 3 workouts a week. 

  • 1 Glute day

  • 1 Hamstrings & Glute day

  • 1 Quads & Glute day


No equipment required.

It can be used for beginners through advanced.


Nutrition Meal Guide

ChicaBoom Fitness Nutrition Meal Guide is a valuable tool for clients looking to improve their eating habits, fuel their bodies effectively, and reach their fitness goals. With balanced meal plans, customizable options, delicious recipes, practical tips, and ongoing support, clients can develop healthy eating habits that support their overall well-being and enhance their fitness journey


Feel Good, look good! 


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