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Jessica Vezilier Smith

Owner, Certified Personal Trainer Nutrition Specialist

Weight Management Specialist

Functional Training Specialist

Pre and Post Partum Instructor

Jessica Vezilier is from France and moved to Florida 11 years ago. She attended Lycée De La Salle, in Rennes, France, where she earned her Associate Degree in Business. She was always very active growing up, she was a competitive gymnast throughout high school and played volleyball in college.
She discovered her love for weight training after her dad passed away, it became her therapy then and became her passion. Fitness has changed her life in so many positive ways. It has taught her discipline as well as how to challenge herself and has rewarded her with overall confidence. 
She made her passion her full time job and opened ChicaBoom Fitness SouthShore after becoming the mommy of Baby Mac. She wants to be a good example on how you can be a busy mom but still make health a priority! She and her husband Roy created a beautiful studio for the SouthShore community. A private place where you feel at home and can get to amazing workouts. Jessica's mission is help you reach your health and fitness goals no matter what they are and to guide you on how to develop healthy habits to live by while having fun.

Let’s get #ChicaboomFit together!

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Thandazani Novu

Personal Trainer 

 Thandy has an extensive background in bodybuilding and powerlifting. She is the owner of Thandazani Clothing, our amazing athletic wear that we proudly represent!

Thandy, originally from Africa, relocated to America in 2004. Her passion for fitness began in 2010, driven by her desire to maintain an active and fit lifestyle following her track and field experience in high school. In 2011, she delved into strength training and experienced significant progress in her physical transformation. Eager to broaden her knowledge, Thandy embarked on a journey of learning about body composition, various exercise techniques, hypertrophy, and macronutrients. In 2016, she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design from the International Academy Design & Technology (IADT), where her fitness-inspired lifestyle inspired her to create clothing tailored for individuals leading active lives. Thandy further solidified her expertise by becoming a certified personal trainer through the American Sports & Fitness Association (ASFA) in February 2017.

She is ready to help you conquer your health and fitness goals! Let's get ChicaBoomFit!


Mayra Padilla

Personal Trainer 

Mayra is a dedicated fitness enthusiast with a passion for health and wellness that dates back to the early 2000s. Having participated in two NPC competitions and holding an ACE certification, Mayra's commitment to physical fitness is evident in her achievements.

A survivor of cancer, Mayra's journey to recovery inspired her to reignite her passion for working out. Within just two months of resuming her fitness routine, she began to witness significant progress in her own body transformation.

Driven by a deep-seated desire to assist others in achieving their fitness goals, Mayra is a beacon of inspiration and motivation in the health and wellness community.


Melissa Cosby

Personal Trainer 

Melissa is a fitness enthusiast with a passion for health and wellness. She always loved running but its not until 2020 that she felt in love with weight training at ChicaBoom Fitness.

Strength training has transformed her mentally and physically After participating in her first NPC bikini competition in 2022, she was hooked. She find a passion for bodybuilding, and is planning on participating in the near future. 

Melissa holds her NASM certification and she is ready to help conquer your fitness and health goals!

Let get ChicaBoomFit!

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